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[gits] n00b question about reverting changes

	Suresh> we have a document revision that I?ll call GOOD. Three
	Suresh> revisions later, the document got trashed because of someone
	Suresh> not fetching before editing or something like that. call the
	Suresh> new version BAD. if I want to change the master version back to
	Suresh> GOOD, what is the easiest way to do this ? do I have to muck
	Suresh> around with rebase ?

If you are talking about a shared repository, a recommended practice would be
to add commits that "undo" the last three commits.  This is a job for git

If your master-branch history looks like this:

	--> GOOD --> work --> work --> BAD

Then you can get "undo" the last three commits by doing:

	git revert HEAD~2..HEAD

This creates new commits that undo the the commits since GOOD.  You can then
push these commits up to the shared repository in the usual way.

There are ways to remote the bad commits entirely, but this can be confusing if
you are sharing a repository with other people.  So I don't mention them here!


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