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Re: [csmith-dev] [extended-csmith] CODE COVERAGE ON GCC

Hi Sameeran,

On 12/22/18 9:17 PM, Sameeran Joshi wrote:
As I had read it in your paper 'Finding And Understanding Bugs in C
Compiler' about the code coverage done for Csmith, Can you point out
the way you did the code coverage, any blogs written by you people or
some links in 'doing code coverage in gcc' ?

We used lcov with some minor changes. Note that those changes didn't modify any essential parts of lcov. My vague memory told me that they just made us life easier to parse the coverage results. We may not have our modified version any more.

You can check some of our old scripts from:


Note we don't maintain those scripts. It's very likely they wouldn't be used for your purpose.


- Yang