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[csmith-dev] [extended-csmith] CODE COVERAGE ON GCC

I have been trying to do the code coverage of gcc using the extended csmith.
BUILDING GCC: I tried building gcc-8.2 source code using

./src/configure --enable-languages=c,c++ --disable-bootstrap
--disable-multilib BOOT_CFLAGS="-O2 -g -ftest-coverage -fprofile-arcs"

I am compiling the program.c file (which is a random program
containing extension) as:

/path/to/xgcc -B path/to/stage1build/gcc -ftest-coverage program.c

The above command gives me code coverage of program .The problem is I
don't want to find code coverage of program.c using gcov and lcov.

I want to find code coverage of gcc's source code.

I tried searching on web but almost all of the answers tell me how do
I use gcov and lcov by giving example of a sample (.c) program .

As I had read it in your paper 'Finding And Understanding Bugs in C
Compiler' about the code coverage done for Csmith, Can you point out
the way you did the code coverage, any blogs written by you people or
some links in 'doing code coverage in gcc' ?

Sameeran Joshi