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[csmith-dev] Did I find a compiler crash?

until now we were fuzzing using the simple script , we now started using the more advance script:
the script when executed on gcc created many files in directory
swamimauli$ ls
crash1.c  crash5.c  crash9.c         csmith_bug_2.c  csmith_bug_6.c
crash2.c  crash6.c  csmith_bug_10.c  csmith_bug_3.c  csmith_bug_7.c
crash3.c  crash7.c  csmith_bug_11.c  csmith_bug_4.c  csmith_bug_8.c
crash4.c  crash8.c  csmith_bug_1.c   csmith_bug_5.c  csmith_bug_9.c

While running the seed individually gives no crashes?

The footer section in file shows something like:

/* Compiler error! Can't compile with gcc  -I/home/gccbuild/Downloads/gnu-toolchain/csmith-extended/csmith/runtime */
/* please refer to http://embed.cs.utah.edu/csmith/using.html on how to report a bug */

Then what do these files mean?
Sameeran Joshi