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[csmith-dev] Adding variables in Csmith generated code

Hi All,

I have been using Csmith in my project where Csmith generated code becomes part of a fixed template (some boilerplate code necessary for the tool I'm using). I have these n number of global variables which I would like to become part of Csmith; i.e. I want Csmith to use these variables in its random generation process, as if Csmith declared these global variables and now should use them just like other global variables it created.

I'm sorry for my limited knowledge of Csmith. I assume Csmith has a registry of all the global variables it has created. Then, simply adding my variable names to this registry might do the job. If this is right, can someone please point me to the code where the registry is located (and how to add variables in this registry, given one exists)? I would also like to know if this might break Csmith anyway (exhibiting undefined/unspecified behaviors etc.)

Thank you!