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Re: [csmith-dev] use of standard C headers in csmith

I agree that moving to uniformly use the C++ style would be a good idea.


On 10/23/15 12:41 PM, Gerlach, Jens wrote:

I made a small table to contrast uses of standard C headers (e.g. <assert.h>) versus their C++ counter parts (e.g. <cassert>).

			C++	style			C style
xxxx		#include <cxxxx>	#include <xxxx.h>

assert		58				14
stdio		1				0
stdlib		3				2
string		1				1
math		1				1
limits		1				0

It looks like as if most of the the C++ form is taken.
It surely is not a big deal, but I think it would look nicer if Csmith would stick to one form.