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Re: [csmith-dev] Generated code does not compile: undefined reference to `safe_rshift_func_uint16_t_u_s'

Shafiul Azam <ishafiul@gmail.com> and Eric Eide <eeide@cs.utah.edu> write:

	Shafiul> Thanks Eric. The make failed. Then I installed m4 and ran make
	Shafiul> (did not ran configure again). That lead to incorrect build I
	Shafiul> guess.

	Eric> Thank you for the explanation!  Looking at the Csmith runtime
	Eric> Makefile, I now see how that situation would lead to an empty
	Eric> generated file.  I'll see if I can fix that.

This bad behavior --- leaving an emoty file around when m4 fails --- should be
fixed now in the master branch of the Csmith repository.  Thank you again,
Shafiul, for reporting the problem!


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