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[csmith-dev] Some questions about csmith

I've downloaded csmith2.1.0. I have some questions as below. would you plz explain them for me?
1st, the two options --dfs-exhaustive and --max-exhaustive-depth can be used to do what? Version2.1.0 could not generate programs using the two options.
2nd, restrict keyword could not be generated by version2.1.0. I wonder if there's a plan to support this function in the future? I also wonder if FactPointTo could prevent abusing restrict pointers? What's the difference between FactPointTo and point-to analysis in compiler, such as gcc?
3rd, what is splat/klee/crest/coverage-test extension? Does version2.1.0 support them well enough?
4th, how to understand top/bottom methods in class fact?

Looking forward to your reply, thank you!