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Re: [csmith-dev] How to use test_csmith.pl

	Shakthi> Actually, 'make install' installs test_csmith.pl as well.
	Shakthi> scripts/Makefile.am includes test_csmith.pl in the
	Shakthi> dist_bin_SCRIPTS variable.
	Shakthi> Hence, my question of whether it is required or not.

If I grok the thread so far, at least part of the issue is that
`test_csmith.pl' requires scripts (e.g., `RunSafely') that are not in the
distribution at all.

As John Regehr wrote earlier, `test_csmith.pl' probably isn't all that useful
to people outside of Utah, so we probably should not include it in the
distribution at all.

I'd say that the best fix would be for us (Utah) to move the `test_csmith.pl'
script back into the `utah' directory.  We'd include this change in a Csmith
2.1.1 release, which would be the new basis for your packaging work.

What do you think about this?


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