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[csmith-dev] Csmith TODO list

- make a "2.1" release. Xuejun, Eric, Yang -- is there anything on your TODO lists before we make this release? Xuejun, don't you have an unfixed bug or two from Pascal?

- support "swarm testing" (see our ICSE submission on my papers page). This is already done in my (old) drivers, but a few things need to be redone. If someone wants to do this for the new Csmith drivers, that would be good.

- print platform information at the top of each generated random test

- add command line flags to disable generation of: loops, conditionals, shifts, arithmetic (outside of loops and checksum)

- add a flag that switches between initializing all / none / random global variables

- support generating these features: (limited) type casts, ternary conditional operator, floating point math, switch statments -- all of these are easy! Don't make me start hacking this stuff in, folks.