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Re: [csmith-dev] csmith error

Thanks. I'll play with different levels and see what happens.


On 9/20/2011 2:47 PM, Eric Eide wrote:
> 	>> csmith --max-expr-complexity 3
> 	Bill> when I did csmith --max-expr-complexity 3, I got this message:
> 	Bill> invalid option --max-expr-complexity at: 1
> Oops, sorry.  My advice needs more context.
> The `--max-expr-complexity' is not available in the Csmith 2.0 release.
> It is available in the current version development of Csmith, which you can
> download from Github.
> If you are using the Csmith 2.0 release, I think you need to change a
> compile-time constant in the source code to change the maximum expression
> depth.  In the 2.0 release, in the file "src/CGOptions.h", you can edit the
> definition of the constant CGOPTIONS_DEFAULT_MAX_EXPR_DEPTH.
> Sorry for any confusion ---
> Eric.