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Re: [csmith-dev] csmith error

	>> csmith --max-expr-complexity 3

	Bill> when I did csmith --max-expr-complexity 3, I got this message:
	Bill> invalid option --max-expr-complexity at: 1

Oops, sorry.  My advice needs more context.

The `--max-expr-complexity' is not available in the Csmith 2.0 release.
It is available in the current version development of Csmith, which you can
download from Github.

If you are using the Csmith 2.0 release, I think you need to change a
compile-time constant in the source code to change the maximum expression
depth.  In the 2.0 release, in the file "src/CGOptions.h", you can edit the
definition of the constant CGOPTIONS_DEFAULT_MAX_EXPR_DEPTH.

Sorry for any confusion ---


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