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Re: [csmith-dev] version 7d6fae9: x = x = .;


A meta-remark for the philosophers: are we all spending a
lot of time for not much here? One of the discussions at
the SCAM conference that I like for its discussions was
whether we shouldn't all be working on Java rather than
previous generation, difficult languages that will be obsolete
before we produce satisfactory analyses for them.

This rather narrow minded uniformed point of view misses the
important question.
The question is how the academic tools compare to what
commercial providers are supplying for C.

I know of several projects that have developed tools like C-smith.
The commercial market for such things is very small and nothing
much has come of these projects.

A comparison of Frama-C against some of the better C tools like
QA/C or PC-lint would be interesting.

Commercial runtime checking tools come and go very quickly because
not enough people like to use them, so probably nothing to compare
C-semantics against.

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