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Re: [csmith-dev] gcc crash and csmith bug

	Arthur> John, etc.: I suggest that csmith not print *any* output until
	Arthur> it's ready to print *all* its output. That way, if it's killed
	Arthur> by ulimit, it won't leave a partial file behind.

Hmm.  One of my to-do's is to flush the output right after the header comment,
to make it easier for people to report bugs that we can reproduce.  That way,
if Csmith crashes, the identifying info is persisted.

But I can see the value of no output, too.  Something to ponder.

	Arthur> Alternatively, I don't know if this is possible, but depending
	Arthur> on how considerate ulimit is, maybe csmith should catch SIGKILL
	Arthur> (or whatever the signal sent by ulimit is)

While clever, that strategy is not directly portable to Windows.
Also something to ponder.


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