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Re: [csmith-dev] Some random questions

2. Suppose if set "bitfields_creation_prob=100" (100% probability?) in
my configuration file and use it to generate a testcase, should the
     testcase contain atleast one bitfield structure in it? For me,
setting "bitfields_creation_prob=100" didn't create any testcase with
bitfield in it. i'm bit
     unclear about

It does not mean that your program will always contain bitfields. Yang can explain the probability file more, but please do not consider these to be a well-supported feature of Csmith.

Sorry for the confusion. There are certain dependencies among probabilities, and some of them are not quite clear.

If you do want random programs with full-bitfields structs (if Csmith generates any structs), you could set "bitfields_creation_prob=100" and "scalar_field_in_full_bitfields_struct_prob=0".

- Yang