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Re: [csmith-dev] Random configuration file for csmith

On 5/12/11 4:29 AM, haihao shen wrote:

However, in the latest generated sample configure file by csmith, statement_assign_prob=100, statement_block_prob=0. Does it mean only -100% chance to get statement_block_prob?

No. The probabilities are not sorted in the output (Maybe we should do that). For example, Here is a sample output:


It means that we have (15-0)% = 15% change to generate if-else statements, (35-15)% = 20% chance to generate return statements, etc.

[Haihao]  Next is 40-35? 45-40? 50-45?

Yes :)

(40-35)% for continue statements, (45-40)% for break statements and (50-45)% for goto statements.

- Yang