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[csmith-dev] Complicatedness limits might need a little tweaking

For the most part, Csmith generates pretty reasonable medium-sized
test cases, but it is still possible for it to get carried away. I
just ran across this unusual case where Csmith 2.0.0 was generating a
main() function of more than 6000 lines --- thanks to hundreds of
global variables, a surprising number of which were structs containing
structs containing structs.

csmith --bitfields --packed-struct -s 785395829 >test.c
wc test.c ; md5sum test.c
   9043  36116 839634 test.c
0814cae40428306881450005f3d23a6c  test.c

I mention it just in case it inspires anyone to figure out a better
way to limit the worst-case complicatedness of tests.  (Or is limiting
worst-case complicatedness even a reasonable goal? The occasional
ridiculously huge test could be seen as a positive thing, by someone
who's not me.)