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[csmith-dev] arthur's bugs

I wanted to send pointers to some bugs that Arthur O'Dwyer has found and reported in GCC:


This is great work, and very impressive without an automated reducer (or maybe you have your own tools for this?). I am actually hacking on one of our reducers today!

Arthur, I wonder if you could tell us a bit about your methodology? For example, are you randomly picking compiler flags or is there a set you're particularly interested in? Testing flags other than -On is something we've always thought would be interesting, but have never attempted.

Also, I wonder if you would mind CC'ing either me or my student Yang (chenyang@cs.utah.edu) on these kinds of bugs? We are very interested not just in the bugs, but also in what gcc targets and compiler flags you are looking at.

Anyway, it's great you're doing this, and thanks for including the string "csmith" in your bug reports or I'd probably not have found them!