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Re: [csmith-dev] Program Hangs

Thanks for your quick reply, Yang and John.

I used the timeout mechanism and currently it works well.


On Wed, Apr 27, 2011 at 2:49 PM, Yang Chen <chenyang@cs.utah.edu> wrote:
Hi Haihao,

On 4/27/2011 12:27 AM, haihao shen wrote:

I used CSmith to generate random code. However, some programs will hang
with the command "./a.out" (The attachment is an example.) while others
will correctly print the checksum.

I am not sure whether there is some other configures to let the program
print the checksum correctly each time.

Unfortunately, no. We feel that it could limit the expressiveness of our generator if we made all randomly generated programs terminate. It's easy to deal with the termination problem. You could set up timeout when you are running any executable. For instance, you might want to use this tool:


Our test driver scripts/compiler_test.pl shows how to use timeout to stop execution.

- Yang

Or, could you tell me how I could generate those kind of programs?

Thanks for your help!