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Re: [csmith-dev] csmith test harness help

Hi Andy,

Thanks for the offer. I am glad we get help before request from this mailing
list. This scripts have been cleaned up a lot before the release, but I
think there is more to be done. Feel free to read our Perl scripts under
Csmith/scripts, and think of ways to improve them. Let us know.


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> Subject: [csmith-dev] csmith test harness help
> I'm offering my services to the csmith project.
> Just discovered this project, which I love the idea of.  Static analysis
> make me happy.
> In one of the presentations, it says:
> TODO for us: Create a turnkey tester
> - Test harness needs a partial rewrite
> . 7000 lines of Perl.
> Tell me more.  I'd be glad to help with this.  I've worked on Perl's core
> Test::Harness module extensively, so a test harness in Perl for a static
> tool sounds right up my alley.
> xoxo,
> Andy
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