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Re: [csmith-bugs] gcc crash and csmith bug

"Nelson" == Nelson A de Oliveira <naoliv@gmail.com> writes:

	Nelson> I was testing csmith (b8d96d3) with compiler_test this weekend
	Nelson> and found 3 crashs with gcc (Debian's 4.6.1-1).  I cannot
	Nelson> reproduce any kind of crash with two of them so I am attaching
	Nelson> only one that I can't test (testing with gcc -O1 or higher eats
	Nelson> all my machine memory).
	Nelson> Also I found a lot of csmith_bug* files; the code is the same
	Nelson> for all despite being generated by 18 different seeds
	Nelson> (1647861003 1800805587 1893949379 2033247883 2125392491
	Nelson> 2242411515 2358272475 2497247411 2600809923 2706144891
	Nelson> 2821694907 2937775475 3056492259 3172076476 3319675292
	Nelson> 3510861076 4284760960 4290416599).  Is the problem in this
	Nelson> generated code (csmith_bug_1.c) already known?

Hi.  It's not necessarily a bug that several seeds result in the same generated
program --- Csmith does not guarantee that every seed maps to a unique program.
But I'm very surprised that you could find a set of eighteen seeds that map to
the same program in just one weekend!

This is worth us looking into.

	Nelson> Also, can somebody confirm this crash (crash1.c) with gcc?

This is not a question for csmith-bugs.  Please resend this question to

Thanks! ---


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