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Re: [csmith-bugs] Assertion fail

"Vikram" == Vikram KS <ksvikram@gmail.com> writes:

	Vikram> + what version of Csmith you are running
	Vikram> ==> i'm using "csmith 2.0.0"
	Vikram> + the seed that Csmith chose that led to the crash
	Vikram> ==> Seed:      3227204496
	Vikram> Also i use "cygwin (1.5.19)" environment under "Windows Xp,
	Vikram> Version 2002, Service pack 3"

Thanks!  I can reproduce your bug using the current tip of the Csmith 2.0
maintenance branch in git (672b340) on MacOS X 10.6.7.

For what it's worth, I bet that this is the essence of the bug:

You tell Csmith not to generate volatile-qualified objects, but you also give
it a probability configuration that includes non-zero chances for picking
volatile things.  Csmith ends up choosing to generate a volatile, and then it
fails an internal sanity check.

It's not immediately clear what the "right" fix is, because the configuration
specified on the command line is in fact inconsistent.  Maybe the right fix is
to recognize the inconsistency and have Csmith report an error.

Thanks for reporting this! ---


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