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[csmith-bugs] Assertion fail


1. I get an assertion fail with following options:

    $ csmith --no-volatiles --probability-configuration prob.txt  > test.c
    assertion "0" failed: file "CVQualifiers.cpp", line 557
    Aborted (core dumped)

    I'm using cygwin environment. Also "prob.txt" is generated by:
    $csmith --dump-default-probabilities prob.txt

    I did not change anything in prob.txt. i.e. prob.txt contains the default probability values.

2.  Also now if i set regular_volatile_prob=100 in prob.txt, and run the following, the csmith sometime hangs(it doesn't come out at all), someother time
    gives the same assertion fail as above.

    $ csmith --no-volatiles --probability-configuration prob.txt  > test.c

    To reproduce csmith hang, use seed 389679529. i.e.
    $ csmith --no-volatiles --probability-configuration prob.txt -s 389679529 > test.c
   Please let me know if any more info required