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Re: [csmith-bugs] Clarification needed on Csmith options

"Vikram" == Vikram KS <ksvikram@gmail.com> writes:

	Vikram> I generated a random c program(Attached struct_bug.c) using
	Vikram> csmith with the following option.
	Vikram> $csmith --structs > struct_bug.c
	Vikram> But generated program "struct_bug.c" does not contain any
	Vikram> structure.  Am I expecting the right output here!!?? If not,
	Vikram> what output should i expect if i pass "--structs" option.  Bit
	Vikram> confused.

`--structs' allows Csmith to generate code that contains structures, but not
every program generated by `csmith --structs' is guaranteed to contain a

The same applies to options like `--longlong', etc.

Perhaps we should rephase to the help text to say "allow" and "do not allow."

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