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Re: [csmith-bugs] Clarification needed on Csmith options

On 24/05/11 10:53, Vikram KS wrote:

I generated a random c program(Attached struct_bug.c) using csmith with
the following option.
$csmith --structs > struct_bug.c

csmith's help says:
--structs | --no-structs: enable | disable to generate structs (enable
by default).

But generated program "struct_bug.c" does not contain any structure.

Then again the question is: should --structs force the generation of structs or just allow it? --no-structs assures no structs are generated but structs simply allow them to be generated, doesn't mean they will be generated on every source file. Run csmith a couple more times and you might see some structs in there.

There's only a bug if the developers wanted --structs to mean: always generate code that contain structs.


Paulo Matos

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