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Re: [creduce-dev] How does C-reduce work for other other languages?

An example of a pass that works broadly across languages is the one that removes entire lines from a file.

Something you might do is reduce a large fortran program (or whatever) and then when C-Reduce finishes, it tells you which passes actually worked. So then those are the ones you might want to look at more closely.


On 8/31/21 4:55 AM, Rajesh K Singh wrote:

I came to know about this magical tool C-reduce very recently. I read somewhere that it works well with languages other than C/C++. I have downloaded its sources and trying to understand how does it work (partially) for other languages (Fortran etc). I understand that C-reduce works in number of passes, I am not able to find which pass is actually responsible to treat languages irrespective of its grammar.

Thanks in advance.