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Re: [creduce-dev] Build creduce on Arch Linux

Hi Yang Chen,

On 30.12.20 01:48, Yang Chen wrote:
Hi Volker,

Thank you for the contribution!

I looked at the patch. The changes made to the .cpp and .h files look
similar to what we did in the llvm-11.0 branch:


Yes, that seems to be the same.

The current master branch only works for LLVM 9.0. We are working
towards a release that supports a newer version of LLVM.
Then I will make the Arch package use that branch.

For the changes made to CMakeLists.txt/Makefile.am/Makefile.in, are
they necessary for building creduce on Arch Linux? Does the LLVM
package on Arch Linux contain static libs such as libclangLex.a, or
does it only ship the dynamic library libclang-cpp.so? I am sorry I
don't have an Arch Linux installation to check that. Thanks.

It is necessary, because the libraries clangStaticAnalyzerFrontend ...
clangARCMigrate do not exist on my System.

The Arch package only ships libclang-cpp.so and libclang.so .

You can find the Arch package here:

You can find the filelist here
https://archlinux.org/packages/extra/x86_64/clang/ (if you scroll down
and click on "View the file list for clang").

- Yang

On 12/29/20 5:22 AM, Volker Weißmann wrote:

I tried building https://embed.cs.utah.edu/creduce/creduce-2.10.0.tar.gz
on Arch Linux. Turns out that it only works if I apply the patch
attached (that I wrote). I suspect the reason for this lies in the
version of libclang being used. I installed libclang.so using "pacman -S
clang". The version is:

$ pacman -Q clang
clang 11.0.0-4

Can we somehow make the newest creduce commit
(https://github.com/csmith-project/creduce) work both on Arch Linux and
other machines? I think we need to check the version of libclang in a


Volker Weißmann