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Re: [creduce-dev] towards a release

On Ubuntu 14.04, our current repo configures/builds/installs using both clang++ and g++ while linking against the distributed LLVM 3.8 binaries.

When linking against an LLVM 3.8 that I compiled myself, I get "cannot compile and link test program with selected LLVM".

So that is fun-- one thing works on OS X and the other works on Linux. Yay autotools!


On 3/10/16 10:21 PM, Eric Eide wrote:
John Regehr <regehr@cs.utah.edu> writes:

Let's work towards a release sometime in the next few weeks.

It's on my list.  Note that I will be in Germany next week, so I likely won't
get to work on this much then.  Maybe on the long plane rides.

Eric, I noticed that while I can build C-Reduce against an LLVM 3.8 that I
compiled myself, I cannot build (on OS X) against the released clang+llvm
tarball from the LLVM web site.  configure fails when it tries to build a
trivial program using LLVM.

Yeah, I will be sure to test this.