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Re: [creduce-dev] parallel tuning

Eric I would love to see updated numbers.

But also, I think it's most friendly to provide a good default for the common case of a single-socket Core-i7, not some quad-socket monster Xeon thing.


On 11/17/15 4:20 PM, Eric Eide wrote:
John Regehr <regehr@cs.utah.edu> writes:

- parallelism 2 on a dual core
- 3 on a 4-core
- 4 on a >4 core
How does this match with your experience?

I haven't really experimented with this.

I do think, though, that limiting parallelism to 4 is probably not a good

I used to run C-Reduce on Emulab's d820's, which have 32 physical cores and
128GB RAM.  With 32 tests in parallel, C-Reduce was plenty snappy.  I can't
imagine it would run as fast with only 4 tests in parallel, but I admit I did
not test this.

(Of course, I *could* test this, for some given set of reductions, but not
today.  Today I need to focus on something else.)