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Xing Lin

Xing Lin

Alum, advised by Robert Ricci
now atNetApp
phd dissertation Using Similarity in Content and Access Patterns to Improve Space Efficiency and Performance in Storage Systems
area of interest storage
email xinglin at cs.utah.edu
web www.cs.utah.edu/~xinglin

publications with the flux group

Fail-Slow at Scale: Evidence of Hardware Performance Faults in Large Production Systems
Haryadi S. Gunawi, Riza O. Suminto, Russell Sears, Casey Golliher, Swaminathan Sundararaman, Xing Lin, Tim Emami, Weiguang Sheng, Nematollah Bidokhti, Caitie McCaffrey, Gary Grider, Parks M. Fields, Kevin Harms, Robert Ricci, and Kirk Webb
In FAST 2018 [ pdf :: bibtex ]
Metadata Considered Harmful ... to Deduplication
Xing Lin, Fred Douglis, Jim Li, Xudong Li, Robert Ricci, Stephen Smaldone, and Grant Wallace
In HotStorage 2015 [ pdf :: bibtex ]
Migratory Compression: Coarse-grained Data Reordering to Improve Compressibility
Xing Lin, Guanlin Lu, Fred Douglis, Philip Shilane, and Grant Wallace
In FAST 2014 [ pdf :: bibtex ]