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Re: [creduce-bugs] tgz with nine separate creduce_bug_00x dirs

Hi Jack,

Thanks for the extra information! In the past, I saw these kinds of nondeterministic failures occasionally, which were almost certainly caused by memory corruptions. And Yes, In such cases, it was very hard and tricky to reduce the failing tests.

- Yang

On 11/26/20 5:07 PM, Jack wrote:
Thanks. My response here is mainly FYI, since I'm no longer actively working on this problem, which seems to have been a particularly unusual case.  It's an ICE (internal compiler error - stack smashing bug) in gcc 10 that showed up (inconsistently) when compiling boost (multiple versions).  So - I was trying to creduce the boost source to a minimal version that would trigger the stack smash in gcc.

Since the error is not perfectly reproducible, I suspect creduce misses some versions that "might" also show the problem, although that is probably irrelevant to the bugs I submitted.  (I actually tried a "test" program that tried multiple times and set the proper return value if if smashed at least once, but gave up on that for a reason I've since forgotten.)

I do have two results of completed creduce runs.  Running either for 100 tries gives me between 0 and about 30% failures.  Most of the time it's 0.  So, I'll continue to try on occasion, but unless I get a more reproducible error, there's not much I (or creduce) can do.