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[creduce-bugs] tgz with nine separate creduce_bug_00x dirs

Please let me know if you want these sent separately - there are nine included.

For background information, I am trying to track down a ICE (internal compiler error) in gcc (specifically x86_64-pc-linux-gnu-g++) when compiling boost-1.73.0. gcc has been built with debugging info, but the file I am reducing is part of boost. The current run has been going for over 48 hours and has so far reduced from 92792 lines/ 3267829 bytes to 12389 lines/585124 bytes. A minor issue (but probably not for creduce itself) is that the bug seems non-deterministic, so a single example may not fail every time. An earlier run (about 6 hours) came down to a single (not actually syntactically valid) line, and the current run is after applying a patch to gcc to fix that one. Additional info, in case it matters, is that the interestingness test is just grepping for "internal compiler error" in the gcc output.

I am not subscribed to either list, but will be watching the archives in case I need to subscribe to participate in any discussion.


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