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[creduce-bugs] replace-derived-class bug


With the attached source (which 'g++ -c q.cpp' accepts),

creduce --skip-key-off --no-default-passes --add-pass pass_clang replace-derived-class 1 /bin/true q.cpp

crashes with:

clang_delta: CommonRenameClassRewriteVisitor.h:350: void clang_delta_common_visitor::CommonRenameClassRewriteVisitor<T>::renameTemplateName(clang::TemplateName, clang::SourceLocation) [with T = ReplaceDerivedClassRewriteVisitor]: Assertion `TmplD && "Invalid TemplateDecl!"' failed.
Aborted (core dumped)


template <int> struct a {};
template <typename> struct b : a<false> {};
template <template <typename> typename> struct c;
template <typename d> using e = typename d::f;
template <int> struct j;
template <typename... g> using h = e<c<j<sizeof...(g)>::template i>>;