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[creduce-bugs] creduce issue trying to reduce a C++ file

shows an ICE (including the preprocessed source, which I suspect is
using Debian's gcc-8 8.2.0-15 packages.

creduce (top of the llvm7 branch) reduces that to around 10k, then the size of
the file goes up again which then looks like

         parallel_for( range, [=]  {
          char name;
          auto __trans_tmp_5467 = RecordFull::allocate( s, name, size * 0 );
          auto __trans_tmp_5466 = __trans_tmp_5467;
          auto __trans_tmp_5465 = __trans_tmp_5466;
          auto __trans_tmp_2 = __trans_tmp_3;
          auto __trans_tmp_1 = __trans_tmp_2;
          RecordFull * rec = __trans_tmp_1;

without finishing.  preprocessed source can be found in the GCC report.