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Re: [creduce-bugs] Two C-reduce segfaults with recent git version

Fixed. Thanks for reporting the issue to us, Vegard!

- Yang

On 03/13/2018 12:38 PM, Vegard Nossum wrote:

I'm using commit 2597f8ee1d0a19383bbf193b2c37b45d78528e27 with
clang-5.0 from Ubuntu.

I've encountered a couple of crashes, the files seem small enough that
I can just include them verbatim:

$ cat current-8330.c
union {
} f() {

$ ~/creduce/clang_delta/clang_delta --transformation=union-to-struct
--counter=1 current-8330.c
Segmentation fault

Second one:

$ cat current-19262.c
void g(int a) {
   return f(a, a);

void y();
void x();

struct {
   int x;
   int y;
} xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx = {
   .y = y,
   .x = x,

$ ~/creduce/clang_delta/clang_delta
--transformation=remove-unused-field --counter=2 current-19262.c
Segmentation fault

Valgrind has a bit more info, attaching logs for both.

I minimised both examples by hand and ensured the valgrind errors
stayed the same, hope that is okay (otherwise I can resend with the
true originals).