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Re: [creduce-bugs] [PATCH] creduce fails to build with current LLVM/clang?==?utf-8?q? 5.0 snapshots

On 2017.06.26 at 02:10 +0200, Bernhard Rosenkraenzer wrote:
> Hi,
> creduce currently doesn't build with LLVM/clang master because of an
> InputKind API change.  The patch I've attached fixes it.
> The chunk that adds -lLLVMSupport in a Makefile.am is a workaround for
> a problem with current llvm-config (erroring out unconditionally), so
> you may want to leave that one out (I've decided to leave it in for
> now because llvm-config is broken and people trying to build master
> will run into it too).

This is already fixed in the lvm-svn-compatible branch.
I've run into the broken "llvm-config --libs" issue myself. But one can
solve it by deleting all installed LLVM files and the re-installing
LLVM again.