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Re: [creduce-bugs] creduce 2.5.0: pass_clex::rm-tok-pattern-4 has encountered a bug: pass got stuck

Hi Arseny, the problem is almost certainly that you are handing this pass an unusually large file (and also that it attempts an unusually large number of transformations). Could I ask you to increase GIVEUP_CONSTANT in creduce and see if the problem goes away?

The GIVEUP_CONSTANT is a hedge against certain bugs but picking the right value is hard. It's probably OK to simple disable the giving up behavior (using the --no-give-up flag).

In any case, your reduction is going poorly here. This occurs most often for certain kinds of bugs such as memory safety errors in the compiler and register allocator bugs that require a lot of code to trigger them. You may need to debug this problem another way.


On 8/28/16 9:28 PM, Arseny Solokha wrote:

creduce 2.5.0 (18e04be) on x86_64 reports an error (contained in subject)
in pass_clex::rm-tok-pattern-4 w/ the attached input.