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Re: [creduce-bugs] a bug - in v2.3.0

Hi Horacio,

Thanks for the report!

On 05/26/2016 02:17 AM, H. Mijail wrote:
While running the reduction, I got a message:
OOPS: pass_indent::regular failed to
modify the test case, which means you have
encountered a bug in C-Reduce.

I recall that John fixed a similar issue a while ago.

(Speaking of which: once the OOPS appeared, does that mean that the rest of the process will be useless? The creduce_bug file and the final output of creduce only differ on a couple of line returns, so I wonder. I would recommend documenting this in the OOPS message.)

Yes, this is why we have the following message issued in C-Reduce 2.5:

"This bug is not fatal, C-Reduce will continue to execute. "

Usually this kind of "OOPS" has little impact to the final output.

- Yang