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[creduce-bugs] a bug - in v2.3.0


I'm using creduce to try to reduce a bug report on RuntimeVerification's RV-Match, which as far as I understand is the commercial version of kcc - which makes this all pretty "meta" :).

I'm doing this using Mac OS X 10.11.5, while running kcc on a Linux VM. I'm using the creduce provided by Homebrew; creduce --help reports version 2.3.0.

While running the reduction, I got a message:
OOPS: pass_indent::regular failed to
modify the test case, which means you have
encountered a bug in C-Reduce. 

Given that this is an old version of creduce, I am not sure if this bug report is useful for you. When I have some time I would like to update to the latest creduce, and repeat the run, but since it looks like I will have to fix dependencies too, I can't guarantee when will that happen. Given that this is a side project of a side project of ..., there's a risk that I will not be able to continue.

So, just in case it helps, please find attached the file. 

Some more context: I was trying to reduce a test case that I had already reduced myself. Creduce printed that OOPS message a good while into the procedure; the procedure continued, and when it finished the reduced test case was just like mine, only with less whitespace. I am running again the reduction but starting on the unreduced test case.

(Speaking of which: once the OOPS appeared, does that mean that the rest of the process will be useless? The creduce_bug file and the final output of creduce only differ on a couple of line returns, so I wonder. I would recommend documenting this in the OOPS message.)

As for the bug in kcc, it's about kcc failing translation of the file, even though it seems to be valid. Kcc does NOT report any problem - only "Translation failed (config dumped). Run kcc -d -c pre3.c to see commands run" - where my original kcc call was "kcc -c pre3.c".

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--- Horacio