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Re: [creduce-bugs] bugs in clang_delta

Fabio Pagani <pagani@eurecom.fr> writes:

> Just a side note: can you add 'libclang-3.8-dev' and 'libclang-common-3.8-dev'
> somewhere in INSTALL? It took me a while to figure out i was missing them :-) 

In INSTALL, these are the current instructions for acquiring LLVM:

LLVM/Clang 3.8.0:
  (No need to compile it: the appropriate "Clang binaries" package is
  all you need.  If you use one of the binary packages, you may need to
  install additional packages that the binary package depends on.  For
  example, the "Clang for x86_64 Ubuntu 14.04" binary package depends on
  "libedit2" and "libtinfo5".  You may need to install these, e.g.:
  "sudo apt-get install libedit-dev libtinfo-dev".)

Are you saying that you followed these instructions and they didn't work for

Thanks ---


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