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[creduce-bugs] bugs in clang_delta

Hello list, 

I found some bugs in clang_delta. All the crashes are from the same file, the two different directory inside the tar.gz are related to two different runs of creduce (a/ folder w/o parameters and b/ folder with '--sllooww') so probably they will collide in one unique bug.
I tried with creduce 3.3.0, 3.40 and with the master branch and the segfault is still there. 
The original file was created from csmith.. it might be a good idea to massively run creduce against it, no?

Just a side note: can you add 'libclang-3.8-dev' and 'libclang-common-3.8-dev' somewhere in INSTALL? It took me a while to figure out i was missing them :-) 


// Fabio

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