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[creduce-bugs] Shortening line bug in c-reduce

Hi All,

I'm reducing non pre-processed files, and notice the following 'funny' bug.
In the project I'm reducing, there is a include file
#include "folderA/folderb.h"
which includes all the files in folder b, so the content is for example
#nclude "folderA/folderb/file1.cpp"
#include "folderA/folderb/file2.cpp"
#include "folderA/folderb/file3.cpp"

After running creduce on the source and the headers, it turns out my code only depends on
#include "folderA/folderb/file3.cpp"

If I now run creduce and let it perform all the passes, one of the passes deletes single characters from a line
changing this include line to
#include "folderA/folderb.cpp"
And actually throws me back in the reduce process.

Maybe this pass can check and not shorten include lines?