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Re: [creduce-bugs] localize_headers bug

Just a note that I have definitely found the limits of what I'm willing to support in localize_headers; consider this atrocity found in Boost that requires preprocessing before #includes can be resolved:



On 11/9/15 11:16 PM, John Regehr wrote:
I pushed yet another small batch of changes, this time to deal with
symbolic links in include paths.

On Linux, large examples such as Boost programs are working now.  On OS
X my Boost test case works for g++ but under clang++ is getting tripped
up by (I think) __has_include_next() which I haven't yet implemented.

If anyone is blocked on bugs in this script now, let me know.


On 11/9/15 4:06 PM, John Regehr wrote:
OK I fixed a couple of bugs in localize_headers.

my $FILE =
my $COMP = "clang++";
my $CPP = "-x c++";
my $CFLAGS = "-std=gnu++0x -I/home/tzafrir/folly-0.39.0";
my $EXT = ".cpp";

Due to CPP I cannot promise anything in the general case, but
localize_headers seems to work on this example now, please double check.

Thanks for the report!