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[creduce-bugs] creduce bug report

Hi creduce Developer(s),

I am trying to use creduce for my research. I got following error message when I tried to reduce wc.c file of coreutils

OOPS: pass_indent::regular failed to
modify the test case, which means you have
encountered a bug in C-Reduce. Please consider
mailing /Users/ugurmeryem/Downloads/coreutils-8.24/creduce_bug_299166 to
creduce-bugs@flux.utah.edu and we will try to fix
the bug. Please also let us know what version of
C-Reduce you are using and include any other
details that may help us reproduce the problem.


There were a lot of creduce_bug_* files produced in the directory. You can find it all in the attachments (along with the interestingness script) 

On MacOSx
Version:creduce 2.3.0 -- C and C++ program reducer

Attachment: creduce_bugs.zip
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In order for me to continue my research, I need it to be fixed. Can you please help me with this?
Thanks in advance,
Ugur Koc
Doctoral Student
Computer Science Department
University of Maryland College Park