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Re: [creduce-bugs] Segmentation fault clang_delta

Hi Moritz,

On 05/21/2015 09:56 AM, Pflanzer, Moritz wrote:

I found that clang_delta seems to produce a segmentation fault if the file that should be reduced contains a #define preprocessor directive for a type.
To produce the error this small program is enough:

#define my_type int

my_type my_var;

I ran the following test:
$ clang_delta --transformation=remove-unused-var --counter=1 ./my_prog.c

Thanks for reporting this.

Dealing with macros is one of the weak part in clang_delta. In the early stage of developing clang_delta, I made an (bad) assumption that the best use of clang_delta is for preprocessed programs, and therefore overlooked a lots of places where macros come to play.

I committed a simple patch that fixed the crash in remove-unused-var pass that you mentioned. However, I am pretty sure there are other issues relevant to macros. These issues may require certain amount of effort to resolve.

- Yang