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[creduce-bugs] Fwd: check_prereq fails for pass_clang and pass_clex

Melanie <miblower at gmail.com> writes:

	Melanie> I built and installed creduce using option --prefix to
	Melanie> configure, but the check_prereq step failed for pass_clang and
	Melanie> pass_clex.  I fixed it in my installation tree like this (see
	Melanie> below), not sure if the fix is generally useful. (Someone else
	Melanie> in the archive mentioned installation problems with accessing
	Melanie> clang_delta.)

Hi!  Thanks for the bug report.

I'm not quite sure what's failing.  In the functions you patched, there is code
that comes earlier that is supposed to find installed binaries.  The lines you
patched are supposed to handle running C-Reduce from a build tree.

To get a better fix, we need to figure out why the code that is supposed to
handle the installed-creduce case is failing.

Can you say more about your installation, so that I can investigate more?
E.g., what is the installation directory, is there anything odd about it, what
OS are you using, etc.?

Also, are you using C-Reduce from git?  If so, what revision?  There was a
commit a few months ago that handles cases in which the installation directory
is a symlink.  That fix is incorporated into the current development version of
C-Reduce (the git master branch), but not into the "official" C-Reduce 2.1.0
release (from July 2013).

Thanks ---


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