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[creduce-bugs] Assertion `RWBuf && "Empty RewriteBuffer!"' failed

	> Sorry, I was inprecise -- I use branch llvm-svn-compatible and sound
	> like with llvm-current + creduce-llvm-svn-compatible-current
	>  crash is not fixed :(

tl;dr Yang will probably merge the fix into the llvm-svm-compatible branch

Longer: We (Utah) don't currently have a very precise policy about when we
propagate work from the master branch to the llvm-svn-compatible branch.  The
llvm-svn-compatible branch is, after all, about collecting LLVM compatibility
fixes, not about collecting general fixes/improvements.  Nevertheless, we
currently *do* merge master into llvm-svn-compatible from time to time.

You can do this yourself, of course, in any clone you make.  Just:

	git clone ...
	git checkout llvm-svn-compatible
	git merge master

Given that it is easy for people to do the merge if they want it, I might try
to convince John and Yang that we should *stop* doing the merges except at LLVM
release points.  But I expect that I will not be able to persuade them :-).


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