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[creduce-bugs] Crash while starting up owing to incorrect test script

"Andy" == Andy Champ <achamp at broadcom.com> writes:

	Andy> I've checked the archives, and I can't see this. It's trivially
	Andy> reproduced, and quite confusing.
	Andy> My check script to reproduce is as follows:
	Andy> #!/bin/bash
	Andy> exit 1
	Andy> When I run it I get this error:
	Andy> test (and sanity check) fails at /usr/local/bin/creduce line 205.

Unix scripts generally return 0 for "no error" and non-zero for "error."
That is what C-Reduce expects.

The error message above tells you that your script failed for the initial

	Andy> cannot remove path when cwd is /tmp/creduce-hP2fgi for
	Andy> /tmp/creduce-hP2fgi: at /usr/share/perl/5.14/File/Temp.pm line
	Andy> 902

Generally, these warnings can be ignored.

I'm sure I've actually answered your question...


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