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[creduce-bugs] CReduce crash

Yes, I've noticed that. But I couldn't reproduce those crashes. For 
instance, I got:

$ cat bad.c
// /home/pm18/local/libexec/clang_delta 
--transformation=class-template-to-class --counter=1 test.i
$ ./clang_delta --transformation=class-template-to-class --counter=1 bad.c
Error: The counter value exceeded the number of transformation instances!

clang version 3.2 (trunk 158192)
Target: x86_64-unknown-linux-gnu
Thread model: posix

What's your clang version, Paulo?

- Yang

On 7/2/12 10:20 PM, John Regehr wrote:
> Every one of these files appears to be empty except for the comment.
> Yang, obviously I can get C-Reduce to not dump one of these when the 
> file is empty, but it seems like you might have something to fix here...
> John
> On 07/02/2012 03:42 AM, Paulo De Oliveira Cantante De Matos wrote:
>> Hi,
>> While using creduce (git head from Friday), I get dozens of crashes, 
>> each generating a .c crash file. I attach them zipped.
>> This is using perl 5.16.0.
>> Cheers,
>> Paulo Matos
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