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[creduce-bugs] C-Reduce fails to reduce C++ code properly

This is a great example, thanks!  Lots of C++ work still to do.  I think 
that Yang is having fun learning how complicated this language is.


On 07/01/2012 12:25 PM, Konstantin Tokarev wrote:
> Here are 2 versions of the same test case:
> cregex_2.cpp.big - output of creduce (aeb8b294)
> cregex_2.cpp - manually reduced
> Unfortuantely its reproduction will require special build of compiler; however I assume it could be useful on its own.
> When doing manual reduction, I've removed all members of a[] except of first, removed classes, A, B, and C, removed unused template parameters of other classes including H, and then re-run creduce again.